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CekThis is 100% Free to use. We never charge users to shorten any URL. And We do not put Ads on redirection. Yes, We are awesome :)

Free & No ADs
Comprehensive Insights

Comprehensive Insights Track every click, let visitors choose where they buy, split-test URLs, and more.

See top metrics across reports (country, referrer, destination and more) to truly understand your audience and campaigns.

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Increase revenues over 200% by localizing and optimizing your links. Enjoy globalized links when shortening a product link to the world's largest storefronts like iTunes and Amazon.

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Optimize Every Click

Optimize Every Click Get the most out of every link with simple and powerful tools that improve conversions and save you time.

Customize URLs and destinations, group links for easy analysis, and manage all of your campaigns from one account.

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Fast. Secure. Powerful

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